I’m shaped like a cock, but move like a cunt. My throat’s open all the way down and my tongue’s forked for her pleasure whispering “eat!” Women have had food issues ever since.

Ask yourself- doesn’t even human law make the ability to know the difference between right and wrong a prerequisite for punishment? Eve was slapped down for doing something she’d been told not to, but before she tasted of its tree, she had no knowledge of good and evil. She disobeyed with no ability to know it was wrong. Screw the cat (and the pussy) Eve was killed for her curiosity.

But what she swallowed in the garden was not just the simple split of good and evil, but duality itself- the differences between things- all things- good and evil, god and human, man and woman, and she went scrabbling for fig leaves to cover them up.

And that’s original sin, my friend, the cleft in your mind that can’t span every truth and its opposite contained. It’s why you are damned forever, dimensionally bound to torture your inherently non-dimensional selves. It’s so elegant, really, no work from me required, to stretch you on the rack of paradox.

But some will make the rack a ladder, discovering in its horizontal stretch a vertical reach, and raise yourselves to Eden before the fork in the road, the fork in the tongue, the pre-fall non-dual, pushing man into woman, trying to find oneness once more, to blend yourselves, lose yourselves in another and find yourselves in love. And you get pretty close, touching heaven and gutter, orgasm blind seeing self and other, your recreational re-creating of creation procreating. Sex- the perfect symbol, apes god and creates life again; not two made one, but a third, a child who will want to fit in and stand out, and you will never own even your whole heart again.

Mystics too will bridge the oblongata snake in rapture to stand outside themselves- ecstatic. And they too will suffer to expel from the womb that pleasured them, the sweet red fruit of prose- creating two from one once more, the writer and the written, duality. And I- self-pleasuring, self-destroying, place my tail in my mouth, and suck, and swallow.

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