‘and Falling, Fly’ Cover

My darling ones, Reborn and Undead, Damned, Cursed and Misbegotten,

We have cover art!

and Falling, Fly
and Falling, Fly

Olivia’s wings – looking like they’re torn from an old headstone and mortared onto the brick wall behind her – blow my mind. Sitting under the word “soar” from the tagline, they capture more of who my fallen angel is than anything I could have imagined. This is why we have graphic artists. I am thrilled, relieved and deeply grateful. Green glass raised to Leis and her team!

‘and Falling, Fly’ Publication Date

Hello my friends,

This is the first of what will likely be spasmodic updates.

I now have an official publication date for and Falling, Fly – March of 2010, which alternately seems miles distant and almost on top of me with very sharp teeth.

Work is underway on Falling’s cover art and back-cover copy. I put together a packet of images to help inform the process, digging deep into the Coilhouse magazine blog and raiding Scott’s dark metal album collection for inspiration. Now all that’s left for me is to wait and bite my nails. I’ll post as soon as I see anything.

I’m working on a deeper website for Falling, with excerpts for your reading pleasure, and maybe some pics from my cover art doc if I get really organized. Otherwise, I’m working on the second Harrowing book, In Dreams Begin. It moves in time between the present and Victorian Dublin, so the research is heavy, but I’m hoping it’s every bit as dark and smart as Falling.

Stay tuned. More as I know it-