Shopping For Me

Scott took Kaki shopping for a birthday present for me. Now, while I have no trouble at all shopping for myself, I hear I’m hard to shop for. I actually believe this because only my best friend has reliably been able to get me gifts I love. Well, Molly and those willing to do the gift certificate thing. I have eccentric tastes in clothing and no patience for useless stuff, so I can understand, at least on an intellectual level why it might be frustrating, so…  Kaki shops for Mommy (as relayed by Scott)

Scott: Where do you think we should go?  What kind of store?
Kaki: A bookstore
Scott: Do you know a book Mom wants?
Kaki: No, but I know she likes reading to me. We’re almost done with the one we’re reading, but we’ve got the next one picked out already.
So they go and wander around the bookstore for a little while before Kaki winds up in front of the blank books. She loves these things.  She has a collection that she draws in, writes in, or uses as props. I never use them. I write on legal pads when I use paper at all, which is seldom, and only when I’m really stuck, and I don’t try to unstick with kids around, so Scott suspects her gift shopping as been derailed by personal interest.
Scott: Do you think Mommy would like that?
Kaki: Well, she likes to write.
Scott: That’s true.
Kaki: And look, on the front, it says “thoughts”. Mom likes to think!
Scott: busts up laughing.

What does that mean, when your child thinks thinking is your hobby? I can just see her in class:
Teacher: What do your parents do?
Kaki: Well, my dad makes stuff in his shop. Mom thinks.
Maybe I should take up knitting.

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