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Should you read this new review, or destroy your sex tape?

Pop culture blog Monsters & Critics reviews and Falling, Fly, right above a “Destroy My Sex Tape or Else!” tout!

“White’s debut features some refreshing new plotlines to keep the poetic storytelling interesting … a more challenging read then most paranormal tales but readers are sure to enjoy the passion and twisted sense of reality that prevails throughout. The search for love and redemption are a universal drive and topics White handles with deft touch.”

More reviews! A 9 out of 10 at Taliesin Meets the Vampires:

“Let me just say wow … one of the best crafted debuts that I have had the pleasure of coming across …  a gothic landscape perhaps with a tint of Tanith Lee … opens a philosophical vein with a scalpel of eroticism that was shaded with an edge of Milan Kundera … a book that should be in all vampire genre fans collections, as well as readers of damn good, thought provoking prose.”

And over at Paperback Dolls:

and Falling, Fly was not even close to what I was expecting after seeing it featured, along with it’s author, on another bloggers website. Skyler White, with her long dreads and funky wardrobe, writing about Rock Stars, vampires, angels, demons and desires, sounds suspiciously like the makings of a paranormal romance, but I was intrigued. After reading the first page, though I knew I was mistaken and this book would be so much more.”

Here’s a short outtake from my interview with video magazine Austin Artists, in which I talk about desire and the creation of Olivia:


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