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Faery DNA

A round-table discussion I’ll be leading at the Sirens women’s literary conference this October in Vail, CO:

Faery DNA by Skyler White:

After grounding the group in shared ideas and terminology using a short excerpt from Mihaly Cskiszentmihalyi’s “The Evolving Self,” we’ll explore some of the basic tropes of faeries and their stories to learn from—and possibly tamper with—our literary genetic code. Topics include the changeling and the stolen child; nature sprites; faery beauty, sexuality, and love; and parallel worlds.

And a nice new and Falling, Fly review by Minding Spot:

“Fantasy and Paranormal lovers will enjoy this, but it is not light reading or the faint of heart. The story Ms. White tells is unique in its presentation and will stay with you for days to come.”

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