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“Blood, Sex and Absinthe”

I love this beautifully titled “Blood, Sex and Absinthe: Why Skyler White’s Soul-Rending Debut is Cutting Edge Paranormal Fantasy” by Barnes & Noble sci-fi/fantasy guru Paul Goat Allen at Explorations: The BN SciFi and Fantasy Blog:

“Intensely passionate, sublimely poetic … reads like dark ethereal poetry … I’ll remember this book for the rest of my life. I found myself immersed in the cool, hypnotic narrative and deeply affected by White’s subtle (and not-so-subtle!) symbolism and social allegory. Skyler White’s extraordinary debut is so much more than a paranormal fantasy – it’s literary fiction, it’s otherworldly poetry, it’s dark philosophy that will change the way you see the world if you let it.

“[Dominic and Olivia] are drawn to an underground asylum in Ireland – the Hotel of the Damned – where they literally enter a myth-laden underworld populated by a shocking diversity of inhabitants. But in this insane, wondrous, nightmarish place, Olivia and Dominic finally understand that which could set them free could also damn them both forever …”

There’s also an interview where I explain how writing sex scenes “feels like tipping that first brick after you’ve spent hours lining up the Dominos.”


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